Franco-Canadian Literature: A Cultural Treasure form Coast to Coast

Herménégilde Chiasson
Robert Dickson
Gérald Leblanc
Patrice Desbiens
J. R. Léveillé

Franco-Canadian literature (from Western Canada, Ontario and Atlantic regions) has become an integral and essential part of Canada’s literary landscape, with over 3,500 publications (available through that constantly redefine the major genres: novel, short story, poetry, play, essay, and children’s and young adult literature.

Granted that poetry and plays have so far dominated the spectrum, with such dominant figures as Gérald Leblanc, Herménégilde Chiasson, Robert Dickson, Patrice Desbiens and J. R. Léveillé, more popular genres have nevertheless emerged; such is the case with novels, short stories, and literature for children and young adults, all of which together provide the general public with a vast literary scope of experiences.

The French-Canadian Publishers Group known as the Regroupement des éditeurs franco-canadiens (REFC) includes 15 publishers from French-speaking Canada. And the group has set its goals on letting the world know and learn about its publishers and their authors, all of whom are hailing from various areas and backgrounds. The REFC’s activities revolve around three major poles: promotion, marketing, and representation/joint action.

The Franco-Canadian publishers group REFC

The Franco-Canadian publishers group REFC (Regroupement des éditeurs franco-canadiens) was established in 1989, bringing together 15 Francophone publishers from New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan who conduct joint promotion, outreach and market development activities in Quebec, Canada, and abroad.

Literature that reflects the values and realities of Francophones from coast to coast!

REFC publishers boast a literary collection that currently numbers over 3,500 titles, of which approximately 2,000 are available in digital format on various platforms. Annual production by REFC publishing houses amounts between 120 and 150 titles.

REFC – a committed, dynamic and proactive organization

Every year, REFC members participate in over a dozen public events such as book fairs and literary festivals, where the group ensures the continued presence of French-Canadian authors and publishers. REFC members also partake in a number of professional conferences for librarians and/or teachers.

An annual average of:

– more than 100 authors attending
– more than 800 hours of book signing sessions
– more than 20 events for the general public and young readers

REFC sets its sights on the future

REFC is also an organization responsible for representation, consultation, and networking. It participates in many committees, meetings, and discussions in order to serve its members and develop and strengthen productive collaborations both with partners in the book industry and with Canadian Francophonie organizations. REFC now wishes to further invest in institutional and educational markets with a view to developing close ties with schools and libraries across Canada and the United States.

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