About us – REFC

The Franco-Canadian literature has become an integral and essential part of the landscape, with over 2,000 publishings (available through refc.ca) and constantly defining the major genres: novel, short story, poetry, play, essay, and children and young adult.

Granted, poetry and plays have dominated the spectrum, with such dominant figures as Gérald Leblanc, Herménégilde Chiasson, Robert Dickson, Patrice Desbiens and J.R. Léveillé, but more popular genres have emerged; such is the case with novels, short stories, and literature for children and young adults, which provide the entire public with a vast literary scope of experiences.

The French-Canadian Publishers Group, known as the Regroupement des éditeurs canadiens-français (REFC), which includes 17 publishers within French-speaking Canada, has set its goals on letting the world know and learn about its publishers and their authors, hailing from various fields and backgrounds. Our members are based in New-Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The REFC’s activities revolve around three major poles: promotion, marketing, and representation and concertation.

Our website is in French, however if further information in English is required, please do not hesitate to communicate with Carolan Morin via email (communications@refc.ca) or by telephone (1-888-320-8070). Our goal is to make French-Canadian books available to all.

We have published an English catalogue, to view click here.

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